Mulch that was installed by our team in the back yard of a home in Kennesaw.

Mulch Installation In the Marietta & Kennesaw, GA areas

A ground covering of either mulch or long-needle pine straw protects your soil and landscape plants and completes a nice overall look to your landscape beds.

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Our professionals will install your new mulch or refresh your landscape beds if your property is located in or around Marietta or Kennesaw, GA.

For decades, our team has handled mulch installations that both spruced up the look of homeowners' properties and extended the life of their landscape plants.

New dyed brown mulch that was installed at a property in Kennesaw, GA.

There are a variety of types and colors to choose from when planning for a mulch installation. Our team of professionals has proudly serviced the area for decades while helping homeowners looking to spruce up the look of their property and extend the life of their landscape plants.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we can handle your new mulch installation and schedule mulch refreshing services for your landscape beds at the appropriate times. We have worked to satisfy clients in Marietta, and Kennesaw, as well as surrounding areas in GA. 

Mulch Insulates Soil & Prevents Erosion

Mulch is more than an attractive ground covering choice; it also protects. When temperatures reach below freezing, the soil areas beneath your beds can lose vitality and cause long-term damage to plants, shrubs, bushes, flowers, and trees.

Proper mulching provides a layer of insulation from the extreme temperature changes we can experience in our part of Georgia. Brutal summers and chilly winters can wreak havoc on plant life, so it’s important to keep your beds protected all throughout the year.

Another reason to apply mulch is to prevent erosion of soil. Even without a slope, the soil takes a beating from wind and water. We treat many lawns and beds in and around the communities of Marietta and Kennesaw to restore soil, which could otherwise be wasted by severe erosion. Mulch allows water to trickle down into your soil without allowing it to wash away. 

Most Popular Mulch Products in Our Service Areas

We most commonly install brown hardwood mulch in our service areas, but we can provide many other mulch products, including:

  • Cypress Mulch
  • Mini-Nugget Mulch
  • Red, Black, & Brown Dyed Mulch
  • Long-needle Pine Straw
  • Any other available mulch in the area 

When Mulch and Pine Straw Should be Refreshed

Pine straw in a landscaping bed that was refreshed during the spring.

In order to maintain all of the benefits of your mulch install, it should be refreshed annually during the spring. The refreshing process ensures that the proper depth is kept to offer the protection needed for your soil. It’s also an important step in keeping the look and color you have chosen fresh and bright.

Pine straw needs to be refreshed more often than mulch. We schedule pine straw refreshers every six months, to provide a consistent look and to guard your soil. 

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When it comes to your yard, it’s the little things that make the difference. We will work hard to provide mulch installation services that will leave your yard clean, neat, and looking revitalized.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we hope to make you a lifelong client. If you are located in the Marietta or Kennesaw area in GA, call (770) 820-9393 today to get started with your consultation.

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