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Landscape Trimming & Pruning In the Marietta & Kennesaw, GA areas

Professionally done landscape trimming and pruning will allow your shrubs, bushes, and hedges to efficiently absorb nutrients as well as give them a well-maintained aesthetic.

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Marietta, Kennesaw, and the surrounding areas in GA can take advantage of our trimming and pruning services for landscape shrubs, hedges, and bushes.

The desired look and health of your landscape plants are maintained with the use of proper tools and our experience in landscaping.

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It’s impossible to keep a neat appearance without regular service, especially after periods of heavy rainfall followed by warm sunshine. Branches can begin to jut out and cause shrubs or bushes to look overgrown. This can throw off perfectly rounded shrubs, bushes, and hedges, leaving your lawn with an unkempt look. Our trimming and pruning services give your home landscaping the care it needs to maintain a perfect look.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we apply our experience in landscaping and use the proper tools to retain the desired look of your landscape plants and to help them maintain their health throughout the year. We proudly serve Marietta, Kennesaw, and surrounding areas in GA.

What is the Difference Between Trimming and Pruning

There are a few key differences between trimming and pruning. Our trimming service will ensure the look, shape, and size of your plants. If you desire neatly kept hedges, trimming is required to create a seamless appearance. Rounded shrubs and bushes need regular trimming services as random growth of branches can become an eyesore.

Pruning is the process of removing dead branches to prevent overgrowth that can jeopardize the health of the plant. Our pros can identify branches that will cause problems, which can include blocking light, air, and moisture from reaching other parts of the plant. Our experienced team can properly prune softscapes for their complete health and growth. 

Healthy Growth, Disease Prevention, & Other Benefits to Our Trimming & Pruning Services

The benefits to our trimming and pruning services basically fall into two categories: great looks and health. Letting your bushes and shrubs grow unchecked allows the unhealthy parts to thrive, which decreases plant health and can reduce flowering. Overgrowth can also lead to problems for plants because longer branches begin to dominate available resources.

When we selectively prune, we target the unhealthy parts to avoid future problems. Pruning also decreases the chances of the plant becoming infested by pests and prevents the spread of plant disease. Selective pruning of young plants not only promotes the correct structure they need for long-term growth but also helps the plants avoid excessive contact with your home during high winds.

Winter pruning is an important part of overall plant health, too. When the plant is bare, it’s easier to see the structure and to identify what to remove. The process also cuts back diseased branches to give the core/trunk more room to absorb air and light. Our services include trimming bushes, shrubs, and hedges. 

Winter is the best time for major pruning because the plant is fully exposed. 

When Should Trimming and Pruning Be Done

Small trees and shrubs trimmed by our team of landscape professionals.

The frequency of trimming changes, depending upon the amount of rainfall and the type of plant being serviced. We have knowledge of native plants in the Marietta and Kennesaw , GA area and how to properly maintain them. We are also familiar with the specific needs of all other commonly used plants that are not native to our region.

The average number of trimming treatments they need is typically three or four times a year. Trimming is usually done at least once per season. If you have custom-shaped bushes, you will need more frequent trimmings--especially during the spring and summer seasons. Our team can help you determine how often your plants will need our services. 

Pruning is generally only done once a year. We recommend a winter pruning to get your plants prepared for spring growth. 

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At Morgan Landscape & Design, we have a well-trained staff that understands the trimming and pruning needs of your landscaping. We take pride in being detail oriented to give you the results you deserve.

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