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Landscape Design & Installation In the Marietta & Kennesaw, GA areas

Using hand-drawn designs, our professional team of landscape designers use their knowledge of design elements and softscaping to create a design that our installation crew can expertly bring to life.

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Clients in Marietta and Kennesaw, GA can bring their vision for their property to life with our landscape design & installation.

Certain design elements and plants are selected for a landscape design and installation process that will bring your home an added curbside appeal.

New landscaping installation that includes new flowers, shrubs, and mulch.

Make your yard something to be proud of with our Landscape Design & Installation process. We will work with you to select the right combination of design elements and plants to suit and highlight your home with an added curbside appeal.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we take pride in a job well done. Our team of professional designers and installers can provide expert advice to help make your vision for your property come to life. Our services can be obtained in Marietta, Kennesaw, and the surrounding areas in GA. 

Give Your Property a Beautiful Boost with Landscaping

Our overall goal in any new landscape project is to give the property a beautiful boost of life. Existing plant life is removed and the grounds are prepared for new ornamental plants, shrubs, bushes, groundcovers, and more. Trained crew members plant new softscapes in the areas prescribed by the design. When done right, the result is an all-new look that lasts!

Our professional designers and installers take access to light, shade, and distance from your home into consideration, with regards to the plants that will be used in your new landscape design. 

Our Goal Is to Create the Yard You've Always Wanted

We take a number of items into consideration when starting fresh on a client’s property. We use hand-drawn designs and plans and take your input along the way. We work to create the yard you've always wanted and your happiness is our number one goal!

Important aspects we consider during the planning phase include:

  • Plant Choice - We use native plants known to thrive in our area, along with other softscape choices, to create an attractive overall look.
  • Mature Sizes - It’s important to know how large new plants will grow to prevent them from interfering with each other or with hardscapes (walkways, patios, driveways) and to avoid contact with homes.
  • Balance/Proportion - Like any work of art, striking the proper balance while creating the gorgeous look you’re after is key. Plants will be configured with symmetry and without cluttering the landscape for the ideal outcome.
  • Focal Points/Depth - Certain softscapes can become a central focus in your yard based on their size, flowering, and other factors. We also consider the depth and the layering of softscapes as they are seen from the curb

What are the Common Plants Used in Our Area 

When designing a new project, we ensure that softscape choices will thrive in the area of Marietta and Kennesaw, GA. Equally important is providing plant life that looks great and fits the desired outcome the client has in mind. There are many common plants used in our area for these exact reasons.

Here are some that we commonly plant:

  • Boxwoods
  • Japanese Maples
  • Hydrangeas
  • Limelights
  • Endless Summers
  • Arkansas Bluestar
  • Butterfly Weed

We also provide great-looking ground covers to fill beds and other areas of your lawn, which can include different types of mulch. 

Professional Landscape Design & Installation Brings Value to Your Home

In many ways your lawn is the face of your home, so make it a great one! Professional landscape design and installation don't just give your home a prettier face. It is a sound investment for your property. Studies have shown that eye-catching projects can add from a 5.5% to a 12.7% increase in value to your home, according to

It's critical to ensure that both the planting and prep are done properly. Our trained team takes the time to prepare beds to maximize plant health and to create the shapes and sizes you choose.

Oftentimes, soil needs to be revitalized to allow for the new plants to establish healthy root systems. Experience has taught us the correct methods, ideal locations, and plant choices to achieve healthy, long-term growth.

We can also add other focal points, such as adding color to your lawn with annual flower installation. Another way to make a statement is by adding boulder scapes, which bring large rock and stone into the picture. The result is an earthy, angular focal point in your yard. 

Landscaping installed in front of a home in Marietta that includes new plants, flowers, rock pathway, mulch and rock border.

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At Morgan Landscape & Design, we don’t take shortcuts when providing quality landscape design & installation. Our clients enjoy gorgeous lawns with character that complement the look of their homes.

Our services are available in and around the communities of Marietta and Kennesaw, GA. Call us at (770) 820-9393 to schedule a consultation today.

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