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Reasons Your Landscaping Requires Weed Removal

If you have landscaping around your home, chances are you’ve invested a lot of time and money to keep it healthy and looking nice. Along with the usual landscape maintenance performed, weed removal and control is a pivotal part of keeping your landscape healthy.

Without weed control and removal, weeds kill your landscaping. They starve your plants and shrubs, creating an unsightly mess that quickly grows out of control. Weeds destroy your landscaping and lower your property’s value and reverse months of hard work and investment. Here are some reasons why your landscape requires weed removal and control services in Marietta, Kennesaw, and other nearby areas in Georgia.

Weeds Are Bad for Your Landscaping

These weeds growing in a landscape bed in Kennesaw, GA have about overtaken the existing plant life.

Without weed removal and control, weeds spread quickly throughout your landscape and choke out your landscape plants by depriving them of the necessary nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Weeds are voracious and grow astoundingly fast. Because of this, they tend to absorb more of one nutrient than others, creating a nutrient imbalance in your soil. Weeds are the quickest to soak up fertilizer and other beneficial nutrients, which results in your landscape plants becoming weak and more susceptible to disease, pest infestation, and drought.

If left alone and out of control, weeds spread and take over what was once your beautiful, healthy landscape. Aggressive weeds can undo many months of time and investment poured into your...

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