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Services Your Lawn Needs to Thrive

Professional and consistent lawn care is necessary to keep your lawn and landscaping staying healthy. In order to keep your lawn at optimal condition, regular services like mowing, weeding, and trimming should be performed. On an annual basis, your property requires a large number of outdoor chores to keep it looking its best. From trimming and pruning to weeding, mowing, and more, yard work is tedious and time-consuming, but necessary if you want your lawn to thrive.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we supply all of the lawn and landscaping services you need in our full-service package that will ensure you receive consistent care at a premium level for your GA property.

Regular, Proper Lawn Mowing Is Essential for Keeping Your Grass Healthy & Strong

A healthy lawn in Marietta benefits from regular lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing, when properly performed, offers many benefits for your property. We offer different packages for the Marietta and Kennesaw communities to fit the needs and budgets of each customer; however, they all center on the number of mows your lawn will receive in a given year, which can be anywhere between 26-52 total mows.

We take care in our mowing techniques, trimming only one-third of the blade height at every service and switching our mowing patterns weekly in order to keep your grass healthy and strong.

The most common grass types in the area include Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue.

Why Your Yard Needs Consistent, Careful Lawn Mowing

Did you know mowing on a consistent basis is...

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