Professional and consistent lawn care is necessary to keep your lawn and landscaping staying healthy. In order to keep your lawn at optimal condition, regular services like mowing, weeding, and trimming should be performed. On an annual basis, your property requires a large number of outdoor chores to keep it looking its best. From trimming and pruning to weeding, mowing, and more, yard work is tedious and time-consuming, but necessary if you want your lawn to thrive.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we supply all of the lawn and landscaping services you need in our full-service package that will ensure you receive consistent care at a premium level for your GA property.

Regular, Proper Lawn Mowing Is Essential for Keeping Your Grass Healthy & Strong

A healthy lawn in Marietta benefits from regular lawn mowing.

Lawn mowing, when properly performed, offers many benefits for your property. We offer different packages for the Marietta and Kennesaw communities to fit the needs and budgets of each customer; however, they all center on the number of mows your lawn will receive in a given year, which can be anywhere between 26-52 total mows.

We take care in our mowing techniques, trimming only one-third of the blade height at every service and switching our mowing patterns weekly in order to keep your grass healthy and strong.

The most common grass types in the area include Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue.

Why Your Yard Needs Consistent, Careful Lawn Mowing

Did you know mowing on a consistent basis is the biggest aid in deterring weed growth on your property? Additionally, lawn mowing helps the grass blades soak up more nutrients, hydration, and sunlight, which in turn strengthens the roots. A strong root system naturally fights against lawn disease and pests making it less susceptible to both.

A consistent mowing schedule makes the rest of the lawn and landscaping work easier to accomplish.

Additional Services for Your Property Include Weed Control, Trimming, & Leaf Removal

Trimmed landscape plants in a Kennesaw bed.

Lawn mowing alone will not cut it. You need a professional service that helps your yard thrive from edge to edge, which includes multiple services. Our primary services included in our packages alongside lawn mowing are:

  • Edging, string trimming/weed eating, and blowing
  • Landscape weed control
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Leaf removal (seasonal)
  • Add on services, such as seasonal color, mulching, and more

Proper Lawn Maintenance Can Help Increase Your Curb Appeal

Part of lawn mowing is finishing off the edges and around any hardscaping, driveways, and sidewalks. Lawnmowers cannot quite fit in those tight corners and hard-to-reach areas, so edging and string trimming are necessary to a uniform look.

At the end of it all, customers appreciate walking outside to a spotless property. Blowing grass clippings back onto the lawn and off hardscape areas not only leaves it looking immaculate but also helps naturally fertilize the lawn.

Routine Weeding Ensures Your Landscaping Beds Stay Clean and Look Fresh

Weeds are unsightly and make your property lose the impact of its curb appeal, especially if they are sprouting left and right in your landscaping beds. While a consistently fresh layer of mulch keeps them at bay, weekly weeding is necessary.

At Morgan Landscape & Design, we use a combination of hand removal and spray for spot control to keep up your property's appearance. A clean lawn deserves equally clean and fresh landscaping beds!

Maintain a Regular Trimming & Pruning Schedule for Plant Health & Appearance

Where lawn mowing helps, your grass grow healthy and strong, trimming and pruning does the same for the trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property. Professionals know the proper way to approach trimming, pruning, and use expert tools to accomplish it. At Morgan Landscape & Design, our trimming services are part of your package on a monthly as-needed basis. We provide winter pruning and pruning of your flowering or fruit-bearing plants as needed throughout the year.

Proper trimming and pruning deters pests, minimizes plant disease, and helps your plants grow stronger and thicker.

Reap the benefits of a strong and beautiful property all year long!

So many contributing factors help a lawn thrive. In addition to our main services, seasonal leaf removal keeps your lawn from being smothered and killed throughout the fall and winter months. Laying mulch on an annual basis protects the plants and soil in your landscaping beds. Seasonal color adds aesthetic beauty to your already blooming landscaping and lawn.

All of these services culminate to provide your home with an exterior that is magazine-worthy. Get in touch with us at (770) 820-9393 and find out more about how our full-service packages can make a big impact on the health and appearance of your Georgia property!