Trimming and pruning, in combination, are important for the health and upkeep of plants in your yard. These basic plant maintenance services also preserve the aesthetics of your yard, making a beautiful home for you and curb appeal for the neighbors (or potential buyers).

Different environments and areas in the world will require different trimming and pruning services. Different plants may also require these services at different times of the year. Morgan Landscape & Design services areas around Marietta and Kennesaw, GA.

The Difference Between Trimming & Pruning

Trimming a tree to remove overgrown branches in Kennesaw, GA.

It might first be prudent to understand the difference between trimming and pruning, as they are related terms, but have very different meanings.

Trimming is a process of maintaining the shape of the plant. When trimming, the aim is to keep the hedge or shrub true to shape in order for it to look neat and tidy in your yard.

Pruning is more focused on the health of the plant. Pruning growth on plants ensures that all the leaves are getting proper sunlight and removes any dying branches that are getting in the way of the plant’s healthy growth. Our professionals are experts are plant health and know how to properly prune plants for lovely, sustainable growth.

Trimming & Pruning Promote Plant Health

Trimming and pruning promote plant health. You have to choose the right time of year to conduct this plant maintenance. You want to prune when is best for the plants, shrubs, hedges, or small trees depending on their type. You also want to make sure you don’t prune plants when they’re vulnerable to damage. Many people choose to have their plants pruned sometimes in early or late winter. Winter pruning is helpful because once the leaves have fallen, it's easier to view the branches and see which ones are problem areas. Consult with our experts at Morgan Landscape & Design to determine the best pruning schedule for your yard.

Trimming Services Ensure Plants Grow Properly

When branches are left to grow unchecked, they can grow haphazardly and even into other plants, causing issues with those other plants. Branches can also grow too close to buildings or power lines. When that happens, there is a higher risk of damage to your property or power lines.

Keeping plants, hedges, shrubs, and small trees routinely trimmed ensures their proper growth.

Professional Pruning Services Remove Problem Branches

Pruning a bush in , GA to encourage growth.

Pruning can be especially important when dealing with larger plants such as taller shrubs or small trees. Not just for the plants, but for you. If you allow a tree to go without pruning, some of the branches will inevitably become weaker and die. Branches can become weakened from plant diseases or insect infestations. When pruning is done properly, it helps to remove these problem areas and also spot any other signs of common plant diseases or insects.

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